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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Studios is a Sydney based creative company, combining film and 3D animation to create masterpieces that appeal to the masses, by stretching imaginations beyond the ordinary.

Our strength lies in delivering cutting-edge filmmaking, visual FX and 3D animation across all platforms while maintaining high quality customer service throughout the process.

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Cold Fusion Film & 3D Reel

Omega Speedmaster

Marcus Joseph

Marcus began learning the craft of directing from his early years by picking up a camera and shooting everything possible. He quickly built a strong foundation in cinematography & editing from countless projects and a few lucky lessons with some of Australia’s best cinematographers.

Over the following years, he co-founded a 3D & VFX business that brought together unique talent to execute ideas effectively. This journey resulted in a deep filmmaking knowledge from pre to post production.He puts creativity and passion at the forefront of his work and enthusiastically looks forward to the next challenge.

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Brian Huston

With many years of experience in the world of commercial, automotive, lifestyle, and documentary filmmaking, Brian can easily adapt to any story thrown his way. He has a mind that constantly moves forward to capture authentic moments. Brian has a natural ability to tell real people's stories with honesty, style, and character.

He has a passion for travel, meeting people, and experiencing new cultures. He also makes a mean Moscow Mule.

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Renato Jabuka

Jabuka lives in Los Angeles California, is an award-winning Brazilian commercial director with extensive experience in VFX work and a sharp eye for art and photography.

He maintains a dedication to aesthetic on his sets both in Brazil and the rest of the world. He takes great care to infuse storytelling into all his projects and takes great pride.In his control for quality from the pre-production phases through the edit process.

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Kevin Antoine

Kevin Antoine was born and bred in Belgium. Having graduated as a 2D animator and designer in 2011 from the renowned Heaj School in Namur, it has almost been 10 years since he started working in the realm of creating moving pictures. He cut his teeth on developing brand content, creating visual designs and illustrating.

During the time where He garnered his skills as an art director he developed a strong passion for both directing and cinematography, which enabled him to embark on new projects, being aware of the dynamics and necessities that every individual idea requires.

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Kevin Antoine Director . Food Reel


Steven Weinzierl

Steven Weinzierl is an Emmy® award-winning director and creative artist devoted to bold, visual story telling, no matter the medium.

With his attention to detail and diverse understanding of media production, Weinzierl is able to cultivate content from initial concepts, to final production.

Weinzierl is always looking for fresh ways to elevate creative objectives. From water projections with 3D simulations, to design-infused live action narratives... He loves it all.

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