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Chris Leclerc 2019 REEL

Chris Leclerc

Chris Leclerc is a nimble, multidisciplinary director. With a background in editing and cinematography, Chris blends his keen sense for polished visuals into raw immersive narratives that dance between real and surreal. Driven by a passion for visual storytelling, Chris is always found thinking outside the box to find new and exciting ways to tell stories.

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Roderick Fenske

Roderick Fenske’s brand of humor has a uniquely offbeat comedy appears to have a broad, international appeal. It’s a sensibility honed from years of working as a creative in the Ad Agencies of San Fransico, New York and London. Roderick began his directing career ten years ago, winning several hundred commercials, short films and numerous awards.

John and Betty Franklin of Sandusky, Ohio say this about Roderick Fenske’s brand of humor … “Usually, I hate anything the French like. But when I saw that Las Vegas tourism commercial that won a Cannes Lions, I though hell, Pierre must be judging something right … Those chinchillas get me very time.”

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British Airways Avios 'Do more'

Director Kobayashi Showreel 2018

Gianfranco Gaioni

Since his childhood Gianfranco (aka Director Kobayashi) developed a frenzied love for moving images, music and every form of art. 
He approached traditional animation during primary school, where he used to make stop motion films with a super 8 camera.

Witty and talented transition with a twist of style is what makes Kobayashi’s work outstanding. Kobayashi utilizes his extensive knowledge on set and Visual Effects to creative innovative and clever transition. His visual presentation strongly marks the generation of Internet networking, it has became his trademarks.

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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Studios is a Sydney based creative company, combining film and 3D animation to create masterpieces that appeal to the masses, by stretching imaginations beyond the ordinary.

Our strength lies in delivering cutting-edge filmmaking, visual FX and 3D animation across all platforms while maintaining high quality customer service throughout the process.

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Cold Fusion Film & 3D Reel

Omega Speedmaster

Marcus Joseph

Marcus began learning the craft of directing from his early years by picking up a camera and shooting everything possible. He quickly built a strong foundation in cinematography & editing from countless projects and a few lucky lessons with some of Australia’s best cinematographers.

Over the following years, he co-founded a 3D & VFX business that brought together unique talent to execute ideas effectively. This journey resulted in a deep filmmaking knowledge from pre to post production.He puts creativity and passion at the forefront of his work and enthusiastically looks forward to the next challenge.

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Brian Huston

With many years of experience in the world of commercial, automotive, lifestyle, and documentary filmmaking, Brian can easily adapt to any story thrown his way. He has a mind that constantly moves forward to capture authentic moments. Brian has a natural ability to tell real people's stories with honesty, style, and character.

He has a passion for travel, meeting people, and experiencing new cultures. He also makes a mean Moscow Mule.

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