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Peugeot - Unlock Your Horizon - Director's Cut

Russell Brownley

Russell Brownley’s love for filmmaking is the product of a fascination with character, story and his extensive travels around the globe. This visually stunning and unique outlook on the world has led Russell to work with a range of different clients including Nike, Google, Timberland, Reef, World Vision, Patron and Redbull.

He has also directed a number of award-winning documentaries and many other short docs for various universities and non-profit organizations.

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Jedediah Thunell

Jedediah Thunell is an award-winning director, whose work and expertise ranges from cinematic commercial narratives to raw branded content documentaries.

Jedediah’s passion for film was fostered early on in his youth, whether he was filming skate videos with his friends or producing neighborhood films to make people laugh. Beginning his career on bootstrapped productions with small run and gun teams, ten years later Jedediah is still passionately writing, directing, producing and laughing to himself that he can call what he does “work”, because it certainly has never felt like it.

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Jedediah Thunell - Visual Reel


Alexandre Pluquet

Paris based director Alex Pluquet has worked on commercials for a range of industries including automotive.

His style define a mix between dynamic and original concept. He effortlessly doesn't hesitate to mix and play with visual effects and live action, try new technics, innovate, to create commercials and music videos for global clients who appreciate her unique eye for design and art direction.

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Tomas Jonsgården is an award-winning director with a background in music and still photography.

His films take on a beautiful style of cinematic storytelling always with a human story at its core. He has a way of making everyday moments epic by capturing the subtle twitches of humanity that makes us laugh, cry or blush when we recognize ourselves in them.

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Game of Thrones

Trizz Reel 2018


Trizz is an innovative and award winning boutique production studio based in Barcelona.

Fueled by a passion to discover the boldest and most inventive new techniques, the artists at Trizz are specialists at mixing the unlimited possibilities of CG with the practical language of traditional filmmaking. The studio is particularly skilled at understanding the essence of a brand, and in using that knowledge to create daring and unexpected content.

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