From Client

Please allow me to express my gratitude to you in a very formal way.

The two videos of the AUDI projects were highly praised by the Agency and Clients. Many think this is one of the most wonderful videos that AUDI has performed in the past year. But only we know the risks and hardships behind this process. We were faced with unreasonable preparation time and challenging budget. But when the Agency gets the Director's brief during PPM meeting, all of us know that we are half way to success. This is true for both projects. In the subsequent stage of execution, the Director gave all of us a bigger surprise, from building the narrative to make it logical, the use of camera lenses, to professional music composition, completely consistent with the ideas of Agency and Clients, even gave us more bonuses and highlight to these two projects. Upgrading these two videos from the beginning of just a job to become an annual highlight of the Clients.

These are the sincere and honest feelings of me and the Agency. Appreciate very much for the Director and Lynne's participation in these works. I hope that the Director will be willing to collaborate with us and AUDI again in the future.

From Directors

I am extremely grateful to you for all the time and energy you dedicated to creating opportunities for us to work together in China. My experience communicating with you & working with you has been exceptional - I recommend you highly to any American directors who are considering finding work in China.

Thank you for all your work, attention and kindness Lynne.

- Lynne I love your optimism!

You really have a great attitude and I'm honored you are my agent.

I also enjoyed working on it with you. It definitely helped us to know each other in a better and deeper way.

So I'm glad we did it after all.