About the company

Established in 2016, D-Agent has slowly gained its ground in China, earning a reputation as a reliable and respected talent agency within China’s advertising industry. With strong advertising experience and expertise, we are able to deliver effective communication and guidance to our directors in order to help them achieve their goals while working abroad.

Our roster is composed of exceptional award-winning International Directors with a diverse range of skills including CGI, VFX, innovative design, and creative direction. D-Agent’s directors have created heart-warming narratives, compelling commercials, campaigns, and more for some of the most recognized high-end brands in China and around the world. Working closely together, our talent and team bring their expertise to each project, providing solutions to challenging production problems and ensuring we deliver state-of- the-art commercials to our clients.

As D-Agent continues to create diverse opportunities that foster cross-cultural exchange, we hope to serve as a bridge between the East and West. To our understanding, cross-cultural exchange can not only be a catalyst for creativity, but can also generate challenges. We are here to help our talent navigate through the cultural differences that may arise, facilitate clear communication between production teams and our international directors, and demonstrate that smooth bilateral cooperation between the East and West is possible.

With a friendly and enthusiastic team, D-Agent is committed to helping you recommend the most suitable directors for your next projects.