About the company

Established in May 2016, D-Agent core business mission is to filter & select foreign director talents suitable for the Greater China & SE Asia markets.

D-Agent other functions include assisting foreign directors in overcoming cultural & language barriers in China, facilitating smooth teamwork, mediating work style differences, resolving potential conflicts, etc.

This operational support often promotes workplace harmony, helping foreign talents adapt and blend locally, resulting in better workflow efficiency & creativity.

D-Agent foreign talent director list consists of many award-winning talents, including both young & experienced directors, which possess a wide range of professional skills, including cinematrography, editing, CGI, visual effects, innovative design etc.

These foreign director talents often instilled new professional skills & knowledge into their respective project, introduced solutions to unprecedented production challenges, achieving high-quality advertising work within its production budget.

In the past 5 years, D-Agent has introduced numerous foreign talents from the US, Europe & other parts of the world and have won recognition from within the industry as a reliable & responsible agency.

Now that D-Agent is extending to include representing cinematographer, we hope to provide a more holistic services solution to our client while striving to achieve excellence in our service quality.