Bonnie & Clyde

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Bonnie&Clyde are a French-Mexican award winning filmmaking duo who love to build worlds and characters with a unique point of view. They have an affinity with CGI & FVX and use their different artistic backgrounds as an asset. They translate their unique cinematic style into advertising and new media projects.

Bonnie is Mexican, she started her career shooting films and documentaries in Mexico and Australia. Bonnie sees the world in textures, colors and meaningful characters.

Clyde is french, he started his artistic career in India and then travels to Sydney to shoot Films and Branded content. Clyde is a narrative junky always searching for the best shot. He´s also a gamer and a music enthusiast.


Their work has been recognised around the world winning prizes in Los Angeles for Directing and in Mexico and Spain for Cinematography, screenplay and best acting among others.

2009 Bonnie was recognized by the Australian press as an upcoming Film Director.

2012 Nominated for the Ariel Mexican Academy Award.

2012 L.A -Award Outstanding Achievement in Directing.

2012 Spain - Award for Best Short Film.

2012/ 2013 Mexico - Awards for Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Original Music, Best Color Grading, Best VFX.

2016 Selected at the Berlinale Talents FICG31.

2016 Selected at the Oaxaca Screenwriting Lab alongside with world class screenwriters from Hollywood and North America.

2016 Winner of the FONCA Grant (National Art and Cultural Fund for Young Creators).

Client List:

Domino Pizza, Clorox, etc.