Eduardo Vieitez

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My best work is the next one. This sentence could sum up Eduardo’s philosophy, he always work to improve himself, and he always do more than his best. The reason is because he loves visual arts, it is more than a work, it is my life. Eduardo loves design, Illustration and painting.

Eduardo graduated from the University of Audio Visual Communication and Photography. He began his “motion picture” career directing video clips and working in postproduction as compo artist and art director.

10 years ago Eduardo started his commercials directing career, he is exclusive by the leading Spanish production company Lee Films International in Spain for the last 8 years.

Eduardo built his own postproduction house in Madrid. Today this experience is essential to achieve the layouts he likes, I always direct the postproduction and do the art direction of his commercials.

Eduardo continues his painting, a passion together with directing, and has done a lot of exhibition in Spain.

As heritage of photography studies and used to operate the camera, he works really close to the DOP, developing a personal atmosphere.

Eduardo preferred style visual and art direction commercials, which combine live action and VFX.

Born in Madrid, station in London. Eduardo has expanded his directing career internationally, and has worked in UK, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, France and China etc.