Jolyon Watkins

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Jolyon Watkins grew up with an innate interest in cars and fused his love of film with automobiles by going behind the camera to direct commercials. Watkins used his talent for capturing movement and form on camera to pioneer many complex and original filming techniques in the automotive category.

Jolyon is equally comfortable with storytelling and directing actors, and he has a way to incorporate cars with lifestyle. His diversity as a director has taken him on to work for a multitude of clients including Audi, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Holden and Jeep.

An eye for automotive beauty, an innate understanding of action storytelling and a gift for intuitive casting and natural talent direction are the hallmarks of Jolyon Watkins director’s showreel.

Graduating from the pre-eminent Victorian College of the Arts Film and Television School, Jolyon initially gravitated towards music videos, which earned him awards and nominations both in Australia and overseas. His established formula in his music videos was weighted towards character based storytelling, and that has translated seamlessly into his dialogue driven commercials, in combination with slick and stylish images.

Executions that interweave dynamic car photography with intimate character studies and stories of their owners. His commercials are a sublime hybrid of stunning car photography, exhilarating tracking and aerial footage, wrapped together with compelling performances and slick, seamless edits.